El Botanico Bella Vista — Panama City, Panama

EL BOTANICO will be the first garden building in Panama City, a unique residential complex for an audience that is looking for something different, a building that almost all of its design is based on harmony and peace with the nature. The building will include commercial retail spaces, social area, apartments, Sky Lounge.

EL BOTANICO, building with individual spaces that achieve a maximization of common use environments, which include, reading rooms and much more. Featuring multi-style residences in one of the most historic spot in the city of Panama, EL BOTANICO legacy and impeccable detail and style creates a perfect lifestyle for the sophisticated urban dweller.

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Available Units

Estimated occupancy date: Fall 2021

Floor Model Swap Amount Unit Code Status
5 B BTC botanico.5b Available
5 F BTC botanico.5f Available
5 G BTC botanico.5g Available
6 F BTC botanico.6f Available
6 G BTC botanico.6g Available
7 F BTC botanico.7f Available
7 G BTC botanico.7g Available
8 F BTC botanico.8f Available

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