Eagleview Heights — Gibsons, BC

A home at Eagle View Heights places you in the center of the beautiful seaside village of Gibsons, BC., within a short stroll of parks, the Marina, the town library, museum and Public Market. Just a five minute drive brings you to the Ferry terminal, and ten minutes will have you swinging an iron at the scenic and challenging Sunshine Coast Golf Club. Inglis Trail forest walk is right next door providing instant access to this incredible and inviting nature park.

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Available Units

Estimated occupancy date: 2021

Unit Number Building Swap Amount Unit Code Status
36 8 BTC eagle.8.36 Available
35 8 BTC eagle.8.35 Available
34 8 BTC eagle.8.34 Available
31 7 BTC eagle.7.31 Available
29 7 BTC eagle.7.29 Available
61 12 BTC eagle.12.61 Available
60 12 BTC eagle.12.60 Available
59 12 BTC eagle.12.59 Available
58 12 BTC eagle.12.58 Available
55 11 BTC eagle.11.55 Available
54 11 BTC eagle.11.54 Available
24 6 BTC eagle.6.24 Available
22 6 BTC eagle.6.22 Available
19 5 BTC eagle.5.19 Available
49 10 BTC eagle.10.49 Available
48 10 BTC eagle.10.48 Available
43 9 BTC eagle.9.43 Available
42 9 BTC eagle.9.42 Available
46 10 BTC eagle.10.46 Available
52 11 BTC eagle.11.52 Available
Unit Number Building Swap Amount Unit Code Status
2 1 BTC eagle.1.2 Available
5 2 BTC eagle.2.5 Available

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