Libro Nuevo — Panama City, Panama

In the extreme luxury market, we offer this personalized house unique in its kind. Its lots of jungle in a privileged place, one of the most sought after in Panama. This lot has a great view and we orientate the house accordingly, with clean and modern lines that have great appeal. Some of the essential elements in a Panama luxury home like this include a resort-like outdoor setting and glass roof-to-ceiling windows that make the most of the view. In addition, on its design we sought after energy efficiency, which tends to be a neglected variable for most construction companies in the market.

On the first floor, the home is divided between the living wing and the master wing; on the second floor there is a family wing and a guest wing. The design guarantees everyone’s privacy. And at this price range, buyers want to have all their wants and needs satisfied. We are Developers, Architects and Builders with exquisite taste and high standards sourcing the best materials and equipment from Europe and US top Brands. Panama 120 hectares, today houses a thriving international community that is surrounded by parks, sports courts, school and universities, a shopping plaza with small restaurants exuberant Panamanian nature.

Unit Code: libro.1

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About this property

Property Type

Extreme Luxury Home


Five Bedrooms


Seven Bathrooms

Unit Size

11,576 square feet

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