Palmetto Bay — Grand Exuma, Bahamas

Palmetto Bay provides you with an opportunity to own prime beach front luxury real estate on the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas. Purchasers have the option to secure guaranteed rental income while owning a piece of paradise. Based on the property value, purchasers will also have the opportunity acquire permanent residency status through the Bahamas Department of Immigration. This project consists of multiple phases of residential development starting with the release of beach front homes, followed by luxury condos. Escape to the Caribbean and enjoy powder-whites beaches and towering cliffs in the islands of Exumas, where you can get away from it all. Indulge in the tranquil and natural beauty that Palmetto Bay offers while enjoying fun activities in the sun like sailing, paddle-boarding or fishing! Palmetto Bay is your ticket to paradise.

Bitcoin Swap Amount


Available Units

Estimated occupancy date: 2019

Lot Number Swap Amount Unit Code Status
1 BTC palmetto.1.1 Available
2 BTC palmetto.1.2 Available
3 BTC palmetto.1.3 Available
4 BTC palmetto.1.4 Available
5 BTC palmetto.1.5 Available
6 BTC palmetto.1.6 Available
7 BTC palmetto.1.7 Available
8 BTC palmetto.1.8 Available
9 BTC palmetto.1.9 Available
10 BTC palmetto.1.10 Available
Lot Number Swap Amount Unit Code Status
1 BTC palmetto.2.1 Available
2 BTC palmetto.2.2 Available
3 BTC palmetto.2.3 Available
4 BTC palmetto.2.4 Available
5 BTC palmetto.2.5 Available
6 BTC palmetto.2.6 Available
7 BTC palmetto.2.7 Available
8 BTC palmetto.2.8 Available
9 BTC palmetto.2.9 Available
10 BTC palmetto.2.10 Available
11 BTC palmetto.2.11 Available
12 BTC palmetto.2.12 Available
13 BTC palmetto.2.13 Available
14 BTC palmetto.2.14 Available
15 BTC palmetto.2.15 Available

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