The Panoramic — Panama City, Panama

The Panoramic is located in Marbella, just minutes from Balboa Avenue ocean boardwalk. Everything is right by your doorstep, including multicentro mall which is literally few minutes walk. Staying at home will be more comfortable than ever, because of the many high end materials that were used in the apartments and the buildings social areas. The amenities include: Open garden, movie theatre, kids playroom, lounge, fitness centre & Spa, gorgeous swimming pool with Cabanas and much more.

Bitcoin Swap Amount


Available Units

Estimated occupancy date: Fall 2021

Unit Sq Ft Swap BTC Swap USD Unit Code Status
20B 1,044 BTC $576,990 panoramic.20b Available
21A 1,028 BTC $568,485 panoramic.21A Available
21B 1,044 BTC $576,990 panoramic.21B Available
21C 1,044 BTC $576,990 panoramic.21C Available
21D 1,066 BTC $588,330 panoramic.21D Available
21E 1,066 BTC $588,330 panoramic.21E Available
22A 1,028 BTC $568,485 panoramic.22A Available
22B 1,044 BTC $576,990 panoramic.22B Available
22C 1,044 BTC $576,990 panoramic.22C Available
22D 1,066 BTC $588,330 panoramic.22D Available
22E 1,066 BTC $588,330 panoramic.22E Available
23A 1,028 BTC $568,485 panoramic.23A Available
23B 1,044 BTC $576,990 panoramic.23B Available
23C 1,044 BTC $576,990 panoramic.23C Available
23D 1,066 BTC $588,330 panoramic.23D Available
23E 1,066 BTC $588,330 panoramic.23E Available

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