Parkview Residences — Panama City, Panama

In the prestigious community of Costa del Este, a few minutes from the city center and a few steps from Times Square Center and the new Towncenter shopping center. Close to supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, beauty salons, schools, parks, etc.

Bitcoin Swap Amount


Available Units

Estimated occupancy date: 2021

Floor Unit Size Swap Amount Unit Code Status
6 A 238m² BTC parkview.6a Available
6 B 238m² BTC parkview.6b Available
6 C 218m² BTC parkview.6c Available
6 D 218m² BTC parkview.6d Available
7 A 238m² BTC parkview.7a Available
7 B 238m² BTC parkview.7b Available
7 C 218m² BTC parkview.7c Available
7 D 218m² BTC parkview.7d Available
8 B 238m² BTC parkview.8b Available
8 D 218m² BTC parkview.8d Available
9 B 238m² BTC parkview.9b Available
9 C 218m² BTC parkview.9c Available
9 D 218m² BTC parkview.9d Available
11 B 238m² BTC parkview.11b Available
11 C 218m² BTC parkview.11c Available
11 D 218m² BTC parkview.11d Available
12 C 218m² BTC parkview.12c Available
15 D 218m² BTC parkview.15d Available
17 D 218m² BTC parkview.17d Available
19 A 238m² BTC parkview.19a Available
19 D 218m² BTC parkview.19d Available
Floor Unit Size Swap Amount Unit Code Status
20 B 238m² BTC parkview.20b Available
20 D 218m² BTC parkview.20d Available
21 A 238m² BTC parkview.21a Available
21 B 238m² BTC parkview.21b Available
21 D 218m² BTC parkview.21d Available
22 A 238m² BTC parkview.22a Available
22 B 238m² BTC parkview.22b Available
22 D 218m² BTC parkview.22d Available
23 B 238m² BTC parkview.23b Available
23 C 218m² BTC parkview.23c Available
23 D 218m² BTC parkview.23d Available
24 A 238m² BTC parkview.24a Available
24 B 238m² BTC parkview.24b Available
24 C 218m² BTC parkview.24c Available
24 D 218m² BTC parkview.24d Available
25 A 238m² BTC parkview.25a Available
25 B 238m² BTC parkview.25b Available
25 C 218m² BTC parkview.25c Available
25 D 218m² BTC parkview.25d Available

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