The Sands — Panama City, Panama

The Sands Apartments & Mall is a luxury residential and commercial building located in the most prestigious area of Panama City, Balboa Avenue ocean front street. The Sands combines well designed and distributed spaces to achieve the best Pacific Ocean views. Balboa avenue is the main ocean drive of Panama and host to some of the tallest most luxurious buildings and short walk to Casco Viejo, Panama’s old city. 

The Sands has some of the best amenities and building perks, which include: A spectacular infinity pool looking out onto the ocean, Casco Viejo (old city) and upscale neighbourhood skyscrapers, fitness centre, event and party halls, top notch security, open air park and green area to lounge, private movie theatre and much more. Living in The Sands on Avenida Balboa is a healthy and intelligent lifestyle choice if you want to enjoy Panama City to the fullest.

Bitcoin Swap Amount


Available Units

Estimated occupancy date: 2021

Unit Sq Ft Swap BTC Unit Code Status
1601 1,223 BTC sands.1601 Available
1701 1,223 BTC sands.1701 Available
1702 538 BTC sands.1702 Available
1703 538 BTC sands.1703 Available
1709 538 BTC sands.1709 Available
1710 538 BTC sands.1710 Available
1811 538 BTC sands.1811 Available
1905 538 BTC sands.1905 Available
1906 538 BTC sands.1906 Available
1910 538 BTC sands.1910 Available
3501 1,223 BTC sands.3501 Available
3502 538 BTC sands.3502 Available
3503 538 BTC sands.3503 Available
3504 538 BTC sands.3504 Available
3505 538 BTC sands.3505 Available
3506 538 BTC sands.3506 Available
3507 538 BTC sands.3507 Available
3508 538 BTC sands.3508 Available
3509 538 BTC sands.3509 Available
3510 538 BTC sands.3510 Available
3511 538 BTC sands.3511 Available
3512 538 BTC sands.3512 Available
3513 538 BTC sands.3513 Available

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