Starling At Big Lake — Edmonton, AB

Located in Northwest Edmonton, Starling at Big Lake is surrounded by the natural amenity of Big Lake. Starling is the perfect location for first home buyers from St. Albert as it provides affordability just minutes from where there grew up. Townhomes in this community have detached rear garage and, front and back landscaping and no condo fees. With all the hustle and bustle of our ever-growing busy lives, sometimes a retreat into a peaceful sanctuary is all we really need and want. Starling at Big Lake is the solution to that very desire. With two natural wetlands, five additional constructed wetlands and the regional wildlife corridor, Big Lake is considered one of the most important wildlife habitats in Alberta. Alongside the beautiful natural surroundings that Big Lake has to offer, Starling is also home to walking trails, a teaching dock, bioswales and an abundance of green space.

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Unit Number Floor Plan Bonded Rent Swap Amount Unit Code Status
4003 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4003 Available
4004 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4004 Available
4018 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4018 Available
4020 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4020 Available
4022 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4022 Available
4026 Blackbird Link Humber $1,532 BTC starling.4026 Available
4028 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4028 Available
4030 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4030 Available
4032 Blackbird Link Humber $1,532 BTC starling.4032 Available
4036 Blackbird Link Sheridan $1,657 BTC starling.4036 Available

Starling At Big Lake Floorplans

Humber Floor 1

Humber Floor 2

Sheridan Floor 1

Sheridan Floor 2

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