The Yoo — Panama City, Panama

The Yoo Panama building was designed by the world renowned Philippe Starck architect, and created an avant-garde design masterpiece. The ultra modern look and feel consistently flows through the multiple levels of useful social areas structured for everyday comfort and accessibility. The building offers an incredible pool area, game rooms, ultra modern poker room, events hall, Spa, nursery, supermarket, 3 of the best restaurants in Panama in one building and much more!

Yoo Panama is located in the high energy area of Balboa Avenue, where you can walk to almost anywhere in the city, as it’s located centrally beside everything that your heart can desire from one neighborhood. Countless gourmet restaurants, shops and parks are located only steps away. Concierge and valet are just one of the many features that Yoo Panama makes you feel like you’re in a luxurious home in the tropics.

Bitcoin Swap Amount


Available Units

Estimated occupancy date: Fall 2021

Unit Sq Ft Swap BTC Swap USD Unit Code Status
22D 1,377 BTC $783,058 yoo.22D Available
21F 1,437 BTC $815,985 yoo.21F Available
21H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.21H Available
22H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.22H Available
23H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.23H Available
23F 1,437 BTC $815,985 yoo.23F Available
24F 1,437 BTC $815,985 yoo.24F Available
24G 1,437 BTC $821,610 yoo.24G Available
24H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.24H Available
25H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.25H Available
26F 1,437 BTC $815,985 yoo.26F Available
26G 1,437 BTC $821,610 yoo.26G Available
26H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.26H Available
27F 1,437 BTC $815,985 yoo.27F Available
31F 1,437 BTC $815,985 yoo.31F Available
31H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.31H Available
32H 1,390 BTC $790,616 yoo.32H Available
32F 1,437 BTC $815,985 yoo.32F Available
52B 1,345 BTC $766,125 yoo.52B Available
55B 1,345 BTC $766,125 yoo.55B Available

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